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Mirumok 350k Trash Loots

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Mirumok-350k Trash Loots [All Server]


We are a team of professional players. Who played with Bdo For Two Years., every order is done by people who live in the same house.
We are professionals in the game Black Desert and you have a chance to see this!
We are a team composed of more than 20+ people working Morning and Night Shift 24/7.
We know every bit of knowledge in the game and we use it wisely.
We approach every client individually, doing what’s possible to satisfy you.

☼Protect your Accounts☼
Only handmade silver grinding will bring your character to a large amount of experience to the next level of the character!

We use a VPN, your account is 100% safe.

Trash loot farming: 
Aakman 600k Trash Loot =$350 – Kutum 250/260 Awakening Power
Aakman 750K Trash Loots = $350 – Kutum 270 Higher Awakening Power
Hystria 300k Trash Loot = $350 – Kutum 250/259 Awakenig Power
Hystria 400k Trash Loots = $350 – Kutum 260/269 Awakening Power
Hystria 500k Trash Loots = $350 – Kutum 270/290 Awakening Power
Mirumok 350k Trash Loots = $350 – Kutum 245 Higher Awakening Power
Manshaum 500k Trash Loots = $350 – Kutum 250 Higher Awakening Power
Star End 500k Trash Loots = $350 – Kutum 270 Higher Awakening Power
UnderWater Ruins 500k trashloots = $350 – 280+AP Kutum Awakening Power
Kratuga Ruins 650K Trash Loots = $350 – Kutum 260 – 270 Higher Awakening Power
Infinite Potion HP/Mana 800k Trash loots = $350
Tunkuta 500K Trash Loots = $380
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► Password
► Your server 
► The name of the character

☼Service is not instant.☼

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