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Purchase this Product and Earn 1950 Reward Points ($1.95)

– Pre Black Friday Sale- 1000 Memory Fragment + 200 Bonus

Earn 1950 Reward Points
$160.00 $130.00

99999 in stock



1000 Memory fragment + 200 Bonus

With Hunter Seal,Trash loot and Raw silver as bonus 

4-6 Day Delivery Time

No Gears required
╟ Minimum level of the character is 53+
╟ 1-2 Pets,(Optional)



► Login (email address)

► Password

► Your server (EU / NA / Steam)

► The name of the character

☼Service is not instant.☼
☼The more you order, the to be necessary more for time☼
I need access to your Account – Silver in a game can’t be passed.
I will Grind silver on your Account when you Offline!
Our Raise Team


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