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Purchase this Product and Earn 315 Reward Points ($0.32)

(Pro-Seller) Gem 100k = 21$ Might 200 – 400M

Earn 315 Reward Points

99999 in stock




What you should know before buying gems:

  1. As you may know, in Lord Mobile, we can’t transfer GEMS, it can only be sent as speedup, brave hearts, shield and etc..
  2. We will send you the speed up or items via Gift shop so we don’t have to be in the same kingdom, only need to be in the same GUILD.
  3. Offer is 200M Might below

Kindly provide me these informations when making payment in “NOTES” field

  1. Your name in game
  2. Your might
  3. Your full location in game (K X Y), we will send you invitation to join our guild and receive items
  4. Name the items you choose
Our customer will not be online on 10PM PST to 9AM PST,We will fullfil order once we back
Thank you



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