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Reward Points


Share your Referal Link on My Account page to your Friend 

Refer friends to RaiseBuddy and Both you and your Friend receive a 5000 Points reward (5 USD Value) after qualified purchase.

As well as Sign up with New Customer will be reward 5000 Reward Points bonus(5 USD Value)



RaiseBuddy Reward Points is Raisebuddy loyalty scheme. Reward Points is given upon successful transaction made for any product listed on Raisebuddy.

Buyers will receive a standard amount of Reward Points based on the product purchased.


Checking Balance and Redemption

Reward Point is only redeemable over 60USD order above.

To check your Reward Points balance, click on your my account

Conversion Rate

5000 Rward Points can be redeemed into USD$5.00 store credit. Rward Points is not exchangeable to cash money.


Extra Point Reward

Spent over 500USD on our website get 50% more reward point

Spent over 1000USD on our website get 100% more reward point

Spent over 2000USD on our website get 200% more reward point